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and it is also part of of this. how did the portal correct change that? wire businesses reacting in this way? welcome i think it's helpful to step back and talk about the primary goals. so how is that new number of 32 million uninsured americans when it comes to the system? one is the much talked about individual mandate. every individual in this country with some exception, in 2014, has to purchase health coverage of some sort or they could face a tax penalty. number two, you have heard a lot about the health insurance changes in market places, these were provisions set up in the law for states to step in and establish what is called these exchanges and the place where individuals can go and purchase coverage. for lower income individuals, you have heard like subsidies and credits are important. through these individual exchanges from the federal government will do tax credits and subsidies. primarily for lower income americans for coverage all of this is linked together. you may be able to go to exchanges and get credit for subsidies to do this. all of these provisions are linked together.
garb, not in papal white but in simple priestley black. he changed later on. but in any case it was another sign of what we've been talking about all along, his humility. i took a closer look at the new pope in a story last night. >> translator: begin this journ journey. >> reporter: his journey began wednesday when cardinal jorge mario bergoglio of argentina was elected to lead the catholic church. he's the first non-european pope since the 8th century and first pope ever from south america. he will called pope francis, in honor of st. francis of assisi. bergoglio was born in 1936 in buenos aires, argentina. the son of an italian i'll grant, a railway worker. he had four brothers and sisters. he studied to brk a chemist before receiving the call to the priesthood. the 76-year-old was ordained a jesuit in december of 1969. and has served as orsh bishop of buenos aires. he was made a cardinal on february 21st, 2001. bergoglio is said to have been the runner-up in a 2005 concl e conclave. and in 2013 he was the oldest of the possible candidate, barely mentioned ad eed as a top
. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide. where queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now enjoy the lowest prices of the season on our most popular bed sets. sleep number. comfort individualized. . >> happening right now on cnn a college sports team on the way to a game when their bus crashes. two on board are dead and many others hurt. >>> another crash in florida and this one is a hot air balloon and among them injured is an nfl player. the latest on his condition. >>> oh, bloomberg is not around, our big gulp is safe. >> sarah palin takes on mayor bloomberg and the gop. >>> and plus a gri
change people should know about, meters will run in this neighborhood until 10 pl for these special events. now, the new parking price came as a shock to baseball fans hoping to catch the matchup between japan in puerto rico. >> have to think twice about coming up here or maybe do mass transit itch together. i don't know, $7 an hour is ridiculous. >> nelson and his family took mass transit into the city for the game so they did avoid the high parking prices. the new price is part of a new program by san francisco to manage the city's limited parking meter spaces, and if you do the math, for two hours, at one of these meters, it will cost 14 bucks. the alternative is parking in a neighborhood parking garages, and i just checked out some of those. they're charging for today between 20 and $30. so the meeters are actually still a little deal compared to the parking garages. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> carolyn: thank you, sergio. new at 6:00. residents and merchants on polk street in san francisco have the choice of two meetings to attend about parking changes. at iss
. >>> one of the most famous college dropouts plans to change how future generations go to college. an interview with bill gates. >>> and -- ♪ i don't want to be another wave in the ocean ♪ >> bon jovi provided a sound track for a generation. he's talking to us. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. all that ahead this hour. first, this. defense secretary chuck hagel is getting a firsthand look at how dangerous afghanistan remains 11 years into the war. also a direct message from the taliban. he's making his first visit since being appointed last month. . it began on a deadly note. a suicide bomber detonated a device in kabul. nine people were killed. a half an hour later nine others were killed when another suicide bomber attacked a check point south of kabul. >> we're at war. war didn't stop. and we have a war here. that's just the reality. we're going to continue to work with the afghans and our coalition partners to fight that war and to assure that the afghan people have every ability and right to develop their own country, their own way in a democracy. >> so taliban claims resp
having rand paul who ended up saying the republican party needed a change and change in a way, ad hearing mort to the constitution. taking up the charges his father had. >> it sounds like the different factions inside the party are very much on display at the conference. >> reporter: they are. and of course, rand paul does represent what his father brought in particularly talked about the filibuster that he led on drones on the u.s. senate recently. but overall, the republican party is still the same republican party that you would have come to cpac in 2010, 2009, 2011. this is not a party that seems deterred by its second straight presidential loss. >> what are these panels they have going on? >> reporter: well, the one behind me has to do about benghazi and the aftermath. there is another panel about shooting the republican consultants and people who got the election wrong. some have some very humorous name but they are all on a host of different political topics and they're pretty fascinating to watch, actually. >> mark murray, our senior political editor from cpac. thank you. >>> let'
't be against everything, they can't be against the changes coursing through american society and the world that voters can see with their own eyes. >> and this conversation primarily talking about the campaign going forward to 2016. what about the here and now? does this mean a change in the way the party deals with the president, for example? >> that's an interesting challenge as well. as they fight president obama on specific issues, they have an overarching problem to deal with, they're identified as the party of congress. they need to show congress can function. the most obvious sweet spot for them appears to be the issue of immigration which marco rubio tellingly did not talk about at cpac. >> john harwood, good to have you on, thanks. >>> on a highway in pennsylvania today, a charter bus carrying a women's college sports team veered off the road and crashed into a tree, killing two people on board and leaving a community in deep shock. nbc's michelle franzen has more on that tonight. >> reporter: the first images of a mangled charter bus after it crashed saturday morning along the pe
. >> let the post office work with the unions, with the partners, to make changes to the postal service. >> one proposed reform would change the law that requires the post office to pay bill odd dollar0s year to fund future retiree's pensions. >> lines are forming outside the supreme court ahead of the hearing to decide the constitutionality of prop 8. the referendum banned same-sex marriage after the state's highest court ruled it was legal. on wednesday the court considers the defense of marriage act which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. nine states and the district of columbia allow same-sex marriage, nine more have strong civil union or partner ship laws. >> carol lynn tyler is traveling to washington, dc and will be sitting in court when the nation's highest court considers whether california's prop 8 wrongly denies gays and lesbians the right to marry. >>> the nationest highest court is taking on another big issue that cost taxpayers more than $3 billion a year. the a practice that leads to higher prescription prices. >>> also a silicon valley big wig is helpi
. airports are arguing the agency violated a federal law meant to stop major changes that will hurt airport safety. the faa says they can not comment on pending litigation. >>> new at 7:00, a 49er talks for the first time in a national story about being gay in the nfl. noah walker is live and says it took time for harris to address the truth after it first came out? >> reporter: gasia, in this city, being gay and being out about it does not get a shrug but an nfl player? >> reporter: former san francisco 49er told cnn what most assumed after he was charged with assaulting his boyfriend last august. why say it out loud so publicly now? >> i want people to know, if they are gay athletes or athletes still in the the chooseet or youth who are not quite sure what their sexuality is to realize that not only is that not unique but those feelings are common feelings. >> reporter: if they are common feelings on the football field, they are not commonly discussed. the 6'7, 329 linebacker played five seasons with the 49ers one with the raiders knowing he was gay and keeping it secret. the lastclose
. >>> this tuesday, marking ten years since the start of the iraq war. has our opinion of the conflict changed since then? we've got a new poll for you that shows time may not heal all wounds. >>> and the carnival legend is back in tampa after technical difficulties. it is the latest in a series of problems for the beleaguered carnival cruise line. es around the world that sell stolen identities? >> 30-year-old american man, excellent credit rating. >> announcer: lifelock monitors thousands of these sites 24 hours a day. and if we discover any of our members' data for sale, lifelock is there with the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. [♪...] [squealing, crash] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. >>> a deadly scene at a northern california racetrack last night. there was an accident during warm-up before the race began. a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were killed when a car lost control and slammed into the pit area at the marysville raceway. the race announcer described what he saw. >> when i saw people running so rapidly towards that area i thought it was
another prime example. if we were to do those things, it would change the psyche in congress, get people more courage and get us closer to doing things you've written about over the years. >>> we want to mark another important anniversary. and officials say, it has news to go with it. at least 56 people were killed this morning in explosions across iraq. that's exactly ten years after then president bush announced the u.s. invasion. most of today's attacks were car bombings around baghdad, including one near major government offices and foreign embassies. we're still getting information in on that in terms of casualties and injuries. elizabeth, you first, ten years later, where are we? well, it's a very difficult anniversary. no one remembers this fondly at all. the iraqis certainly don't remember this well. they're not marking this anniversary at all. i also think that the war changed fundamentally the way the united states thinks about war. look at how reluctant the president is right now to intervene in syria in a serious way. look at how reluctant the pentagon was to go to war to int
proposition. >> reporter: epa says the gasoline change reducing sulphur by two-thirds would not go into effect for four years and would have the pollution impact of taking 30 million cars off the road. the agency says the change would cost about a penny per gallon. critics say it would be more like a dime. the epa says 29 of the nation's 111 refineries already meet the sulfur standard in only 16 would need major modifications. public citizen's think the industry is exaggerating the cost. >> this is kind of game that people play if you don't want to -mbark upon the required necessary investments in refining infrastructure you paint a doom and gloom scenario. >> reporter: officials say the changes would prevent tens of thousands of child respiratory ailments since a 2400 lives per year, but obama congressman wants proof of that. >> my child has as much. i get this. and the stand this, but you cannot just make a unilateral declaration and have some capricious new regulation come out that actually does not have the real effect other than just raising prices. >> reporter: automakers support the cha
lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. now is the moment. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. sandra: lets go "off the dest" and to india where there is a growing trend, mass weddings to help those who are financially struggling. a wedding for 52 couples. gifts were donated to the newlyweds including pencils, mattresses, solar lights and fans. february housing starts, con expecting starts to rise by 2.8% following a sharp drop of 8.5% in january. david: the number one thing to be watching for is cypress. the vote expected to be tomorrow. anything could happen. we saw the breaking news earlier. the confiscation of deposits may be a precondition for the bailout. it'll be an exciting day tomorrow. sandra: thank you for having me. "money" with melissa francis is next. melissa: crisis in cypress as deposit features rock the market. will wall street be able to hang on to the rally? and should you still jump in, or maybe get out. chief investment strategist with charles schwab. plus it's a time to go for the
. that takes about 17 and a half years. i don't think a change of concern has changed fundamentals haven't changed. melissa: jonathan, jonathan, wait. >> what has happened in the last 12 years as gold has gone from being an asset which was doubted, not owned, to being widely owned and widely endorsed by the heard, if you will. if you want to look at the reality of what is happening in the market today, the dollar is strong, gold assets are weak. it is easy to say five, 10, 15 years down. melissa: on no very wealthy, very smart ceos who ask to have their bonuses paid in gold because they're so worried about the currency and the market, so worried about what is going on in our country. these are really smart, really wealthy people. speakers should have asked to being paid in the stock in their own company. all of this concern of the currency, money printing, etc., doesn't exist. melissa: thank you for coming on. tell me what you think, the mortgage tax deduction could be over. that would be bad news on the housing recovery. plus, a sleeping giant awakes, the grim days for natural gas price
minutes we want to get your thoughts on these changes on what you can bring on board. perhaps you agree or disagree or you think other things should be brought on board as well. here is your chance to weigh in. the tsa allowing small mice and golf clubs and the likes being allowed on air plaplanes. if you want to reach out on our social media platforms -- tsa has a website that will allow you to see what you will be able to bring on board when these rules go into affect in april. it gives you a visual of the things you can bring. you cannot bring anything with a fixed blade. the blade can not be wider than a half inch. it cannot lock. there are some other examples as well. these are the things that are now qualified as far as what you can bring on board. aside from the small knives there are some other things you can bring on. they are also allowing things like golf clubs, ski poles, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, and the like. the cause of the category of sports equipment. we have new worlds for knives, new rules for sports equipment. these changes are set to go into effect in april.
at 6:00, a change in the forecast and a reminder you'll need to make a change this weekend as well. meteorologist rob mayeda will fill you in on that. and is that a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge? >> it is. >>> also coming up -- >> cocoa's been wanting a baby and has been asking for a baby for many years. her dream of having a baby could lead to a new plan to save her species. launch sequence initiated. [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: and t-10...9... serve the world's best-tasting chicken. that's why our chicken is delivered fresh. 8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipe. preparation complete... 2.....1... and now for a limited time you can try an 8-piece meal of our freshly prepared chicken, two large sides and 4 biscuits all for just $15.99. [ man mission accomplished. >>> time is running out for cocoa, the gorilla is facing extinction. her quest to become a mom may help save her species. in the hills above woodside, inside this old trailer, cocoa lives
to change that. and i think the real problem is that there isn't that system of checks and balances that we have in our judicial system. >> think that will change ever? ? i do think it will change, but i will say in our system, in the civilian system, a judge can also overturn a jury's verdict, so that is the same. it's just so rarely done and it's an appellate process as opposed to what appears to be just one person being allowed to make that decision. i do think, brooke, that's going to change. >> we'll watch for the changes, sunny hostin and anu, thank you p both. >>> we are just getting breaking news. breaking news here, after months and months after the attack on benghazi, new word on someone in custody. more on that after this break. that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ] [ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®. [ male announcer
conservative from ohio will be known for something else, changing his hard-line position against gay marriage, which he revealed to cnn. and the very personal reason behind his reversal. >> i'm announcing today a change of heart. on an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about. and it has to do with gay couples' opportunity to marry. i've come to the conclusion that for me, personally, i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy, and the stability of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it, including our son who is gay. >> reporter: that unexpected revelation came from portman's 21-year-old son will two years ago. >> my son came to jane, my wife and i, told us that he was gay. and that it was not a choice. and that, you know, he -- that's just part of who he is and he's been that way ever since he could remember. >> what was your reaction when he told you? >> love. support. you know, 110%. >> reporter: surprised? >> surprise, yeah. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> no idea. yeah. and, you know, a
a divorce, having a baby or losing your job we're all faced changes that can turn our world upside-down. how do you thrive when faced with a life-altering event. >> career coach had a premature baby while on vacation. that game-changer forced her and her family to temporarily relocate to another state. and cally yost is an author of the new book called "tweak it" make what matters to you happen every day. "tweak it." like that. >> sometimes there is this, tell us about your life change. you were on vacation and -- >> i'm a new yorker. we were down visiting my in-laws and we've done the florida keys, actually. florida keys retreat every year. i'm having a baby, so i want to go early. >> how far along were you in your pregnancy? >> 27 weeks. we got down to florida, we were planning to stay 10-12 days and three, four days in i started to have complications. and i went to a hospital in miami and they said, you're not going anywhere and another few days i had the baby. >> now the baby is 2 years old and thriving. >> thank god. >> those have been tough years. >> i'm sure. >> the difficult stuff --
accounts for just 2% of the market and blackberry is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition now. we have to innovate and get better. that's why we launched this platform. avilanching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. >> the z10 looks an awful lot like its touch screen competitors and it's getting good reviews. >> i like it. i think they have done good job with certain aspects of the phone. it feels comfortable in the hands and they have done a nice job with the camera. >> she was enthusiastic about the touch keyboard and camera and the online store full of appears. k -- aps. because who wants a phone without angry birds? the latest blackberry has all the trappings of a modern smartphone. >> the question remains is a simple one. is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are just trying to prove that they are not dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> my old blackberry wouldn't work in my own house, where this phone does. >> what would it take for blackberry to win you back? >> i
. a transformational change. >> i think colorado is a good example. i grew up in that state, it definitely is a hunting-friendly state. i only lived in sweet states, strategic. >> there's some ohio blood in there? >> i'm going to move there for a while so i can say, i used to live in ohio, it's a swing state. you're seeing it in colorado where this is going. states are responsive on a local level. politics is all about pressure and leverage. for somebody like a mary landrieu, she doesn't see as a national poll as necessarily the pressure that's going to change her election. she's worried about louisiana. she's worried about getting re-elected in that state. and until you see the zeitgeist change within the state, these politicians are not responsive to that. where bloomberg can make a huge difference is he can go into a local race, a congressional district, he can go in on a state. when mary landrieu starts seeing bloomberg money against her, then i think she might change her mind. >> let's talk about bloomberg money. as if he's got bloomberg money. "the new york times" quotes thomas mann from brooking
no interest in dropping their favorite past-time, but democrats could put a stop to it by changing the rules. the idea is it isn't even the rules, it's them. >> i thought it made sense right after he was elected the first time to try to reach across the aisle. that was the theme of his entire campaign. pretty soon it became clear that there was never going to be any, any give on, in terms of give and take on the part of the republicans. after a while, he needed, he and the democrats not just obama, needed to go after this party and make it clear that they are obstructionists, that they are harming working people. they're harming the middle class, they're harming the poor and that's never occurred. >> another example of this, carrie. jonathan bernstein in the "washington post" had a piece that sums up my feelings probably about this. but this is what he wrote -- he said the truth is that the house of representatives, which is the chief sort of opponents of the obama agenda, right now appear to be both in capable of legislating and not interested in it either. the only thing to do is put the d
regulation of guns seems to be as powerful as it's ever been, as though nothing has really changed since three months ago. >> the president is planning to go to colorado next week to continue this push for new legislation. he seemed to be speaking off the cuff and was very emotional himself yesterday with those newtown families. let me play a little clip from the president yesterday. >> i read an article in the news just the other day wondering is washington -- has washington missed its opportunity because as time goes on after newtown, somehow people start moving on and forgetting. let me tell you, the people here they don't forget. grace's dad's not forgetting. less than a hundred days ago that happened. and the entire country was shocked and the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we've forgotten. i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us if we've forgotten. >> casey, again, very powerful stuff. the reality is something very different, though. and we've seen what the nra has been able to mobilize. obviously the force
, fiscal follies in the united states. what did it take to change the fed's view of where the economy is, and specifically change its view of buying bonds or the level of interest rates? >> i think we'd have to see some dramatic changes in europe in the fiscal situation in the u.s. to make them feel comfortable. but there's less of that extreme risk that's going to hit. also we'd have to see a lot more data that the recovery in, for example, the labor market, has really taken root. you saw the green shoots before, a few months of more than 200,000 private sector jobs being created. but then, things kind of wilted. and never really took root. and the fed had to do more. i think they're going to be really wary of pulling the punch bowl away too early. they're going to want to make sure that those green shoots are firmly rooted and can probably withstand the chicago winter. >> randy, you talk about looking at the data, there is so much data that you can examine. for you, and especially as a former fed governor, what's the most important piece of data? is it the job market? >> i think it's e
it a federal crime to move guns unlawfully against state line and changing things on books there. something people will talk about as a success if that gets through. so much focus on background checks. one of the big questions from people who are still hesitant about that is what would it actually do in a practical sense if you've got a neighbor-to-neighbor selling a weapon or a family member to another and how would that work in practical terms. the idea of background checks has broiad support but it gets down to the specifics. watch for the senators from red states up for re-election and the pressure is greatest on them. they are away two weeks now from washington, back home, and there will be pressure on them. they will hear from their constituents about what to do from this. if you don't have much support, if any, among republicans, you need those democrats to get it through. >> hey, mark, give me a sense of harry reid's role in this. he wants to keep that title senate majority leader. navigating through these ice floes of this. >> it's already on the side of those who would like to see
police chief bill bratton. he's in oakland now to make major changes to the city's crime fighting strategies. bratton, who is now a consultant, held a news conference alongside observing's police chief jordan at headquarters today. bratton says bringing down the number of homicides, robberies and burglaries is his top priority. he also says it's tough when you have a police department that needs a lot more officers. >> it's a department that i think you all appreciate is severely understaffed. and i don't use that term lightly. it is a small department for a very large and vital city. and at the same time when you have a small department, it's very important to focus those officers appropriately. >> bratton will be working alongside thomas frazier appointed on monday by a federal judge to be a compliance director in the city of oakland. >>> in san francisco a man accused of killing a teenaged girl during a dui hit-and-run will be charged with three felonies. police say brewer hit 17-year-old chang as she crossed the buoulevard saturday night. he faces up to ten years in prison. >>
officials ignored growing risk and hid losses from regulators. it accuses the bank of changing risk model toes work around capital rules. ceo jamie dimon comes under heavy criticism from the senate panel. he is not scheduled to be among the bank officials testifying out there today. although some are wondering if he will show up and defend himself. it was a rough night for jpmorgan. in a separate story, the fed is telling the bank and rival goldman sachs that their plans for maintaining proper capital levels are weak. regulators are ordering both firms to revise their capital plans by tend of september. the fed turned down similar requests from allied financial and kayla tousche is here with more on this story in just a few minutes. but first, brian has a look at the markets this morning. brian, welcome. it's great to see you. >> i wish i could say the same thing, becky, but it's early. i can't believe you guys do this every day. listen, becky, the dow extending its winning streak to ten straight sessions. we have not seen a string of gains like this since jerry mcguire was the number one
forcing a change in u.s. national security. the pentagon announced a major expansion in missile defense. >> new defense secretary chuck hagel made the announcement to put more interceptor missiles along the west coast. chris lawrence has more. >> reporter: susan, joe, the pentagon plans to spend up to $1 billion to beef up its civil defense but the big question is, will the missiles actually work? if a nuclear missile is ever fired at the united states, this is the best hope to stop it, 30 interceptor missiles which can be launched from ground sigh lows in alaska and california. now the pentagon is deploying up to 14 more. >> the reason we're doing what we're doing and the reason we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, is to stay ahead of the theret. >> reporter: north korea tested a long range missile in december, it conducted its third nuclear test in february, and just this month, threatened a preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. that caught the pentagon's attention. >> north korea's shrill public pronouncements underscore the need for the
and a ton of the jobs, as well. they realize it's going to be a change of livelihood. changes that will happen in this country no matter what are going to be startling to the people here. >> i saw all the headlines coming from russia and the president here making strong comments. is that going to fall on deaf ears in europe? is that not a big deal as far as they're concerned? >> that would be my interpretation, absolutely. would you agree with that, adam? whatever russia says is going to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the troika? >> it doesn't fall on deaf ears. but the europeans have made a categoric statements. cypress has to come up with 5.8 billion euros. it can't be through new loans, it can't be through the pension funds, it can't be through securitized tax. even if they're going to come up with a tax on deposits or something else, they're going to have to solve the banks without the cash. >> but they don't care about the russi russians? >> they care about the russians, but not enough to give them another 5 billion euros. >> michelle, that you can very much and adam,
out of its funk finally. but leadership change in china. there's a lot of changes going on that are making people nervous and when they are nervous and they are looking for stability they are finding it here >> you're a very widely followed strategist so i have to ask right at the beginning here where do we go from here? what's your strategy? >> well, i think the trick to this bull market has been just not to get thrown off it. i mean there's been some pretty nasty corrections in 2011, there was a 19% decline. but i've been sticking with it because like you i've been focusing on profits and companies have done a great job of creating profits and this notion that it's all come at the expense of workers, i think maybe initially it did but you are starting to see employment pick up. and a lot of the weakness was really in the housing related areas and we're getting a second recovery. housing has been lagging behind and it's now recovery. usually it leads the recovery. right there from the get go, real gdp has been at a record high. >> you're basically, you're diverse. >> i'
more fundamental problem which is on the major issues of the day, immigration, climate change, jobs, taxes. the republican party is out of the mainstream and that's why they lost women voters by 11 points. that's why they lost youth voters you know by historic number. that's why 71% of latino voters voted for the president. and i don't think an outreach program is going to fix it it's a policy program. it's a mainstream political problem and i think that if they follow the recommendations of this report they're going to have more problems in the future. >> i want to ask you about ofa. there's been criticism from others interested in disclosure, more media disclosure, given the technologies now, why isn't there immediate disclosure of contributors, concerns about conflict of interest. chuck todd was asking about this a couple of weeks ago at a white house briefing. let's play that. >> spend money on his behalf? >> this group is promoting a policy agenda. it's not trying to elect him, obviously, since -- >> i know they spent money to promote the agenda. >> as organization does all ove
religious leaders, and going through the process of, at the end, changing my position on the issue. >> at 7:00 eastern on "starting point" dana bjarne joins john berman and brooke with more of her interview. >>> on wall street, history in the making. the dow defying gravity at a record high. looks like there could be an 11th straight win if all things hold. if that happens it would be the best -- the dow's best rally in 21 years. and it isn't just the dow. the s&p 500 which for many mutual funds, many of them track that if you've got a 401(k) the stock portion most likely looks like the s&p 500. it's within two points of its record high. bulls are worrying momentum could slip but certainly an amazing run. tech futures are higher. >> that's one way to put it. all right now to the latest in a new era for the catholic church. the papacy of francis. in about an hour pope francis meets with the college of cardinals, the very group that elected him. but this meeting will include all of the cardinals, including the ones who are over 80, and were not involved in the conclave. during his first mass
to mr. timothy dolan out there. >> things are changing, an american becoming pope seems a little unlikely. >> probably not going to happen. they say ideally someone from a third world -- a developing nation, hispanic, black would be nice, but most likely an italian. >> interesting. to be a fly on that wall. >> can you imagine the politicking happening? you know there's some happening. >> they're cardinals but they're human. politics getting into everything. >>> queen elizabeth is taking a historic stand against discrimination of any kind. she's signing a new charter that includes her strongest statement ever about women's rights and it's believed to be her first show of support for gay rights. she'll also give a speech on the new equality agreement that opposes discrimination rooted in gender, race, color, creed, political belief or any other grounds. >>> defense secretary chuck hagel was wrapping up a tense first visit to afghanistan. to afghanstep. the african president accused the u.s. and the taliban of working together to make the afghans fearful of more violence if foreign
off a subway platform. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> shepard: first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, we're learning more about the oklahoma dentist whom officials call a menace to public health. they've already urged thousands of his patients to get tested for hepb and and riv. here's dr. scott harrington. he's practiced for some 36 years. this is from the year he got his license, 1977. health officials say the trouble all started when one of his patients tested positive for hiv and hepatitis c despite showing no warning signs. it's important to note he may only be positive for help sites c only -- hepatitis c only according to later lab results. they combed through the dentist's office. that's when they found a slew of contamination issues. they tell us there were outdated drugs including one with an expiration date of 1993. dental instruments that had turned rusty. inspectors said the dentist said those aside for patients he knew cached infectious disease. they added his office is not properly stirlizin sterilizing s equipment. he told the
. >> reporter: the epa says the gasoline change reducing sulfur by two-thirds wouldn't go into effect for four years and have the pollution impact of taking 30 million cars off the road. agency says the change would cost about penny a gallon. critics say it would be more like a dime. oepa says 29 of the nation's 111 refineries already meet the sulfur standard and only 16 take major modifications. they think the industry is exaggerating the cost. >> this is kind of game people play in d.c. where if you don't want to embark upon the required necessary investments in refining infrastructure you painted a doom and gloom scenario. >> reporter: they say the changes would prevent tens of thousands of child respiratory ailments and save 2400 lives a year but oklahoma congressman wants proof of that. >> my child has asthma. i get this and i understand this. you can't make a unilateral declaration and have capricious regulation that doesn't have the real effect other than raising prices. >> reporter: oil industry officials say the country would use the same gasoline coast to coast. >> we all know what t
what they are, they don't get to change the definition. >> what about the ones that immigrate to this country that allows multiple spouses? >> if same sex fits the bill of the contract, then everything fits the bill and at some point who's to say you cannot have sex with a child at some point? >> how about condemning that language? today another reminder the gop has gone from the party of lincoln to the party of limbaugh. joining me now is congressman bill nadler, democrat from new york and melissa harris-perry. thank you both for being here. >> absolutely. >> congressman, as we showed, your republican colleagues in the house came out strong condemning and taking their shots at congressman young's comments today. but we keep seeing this ugliness come out. where do you see this rebranding we keep hearing about? >> well, they are trying but the problem is that it's one thing to change your rhetoric when you don't change your beliefs and you don't change your practice and your rhetoric is hard to follow then because you don't remember it. you have to remember -- it's like someone
. this needs to change." >> it's a one-way street, harry. a one-way street. >> reporter: the coast guard figures the bill for the carnival "triumph" almost was 8.5 million dollars. a fire was $1.5 million, and for the navy, $1.8 million. all picked up by the american taxpayer, not by carnival. carnival corporation headquartered in miami, that's one of their ships right back there. but the company registered in panama. we at "rock center" commissioned s & p capital iq to look into carnival's taxes. this is what they found. on billions in revenue over the last five years, carnival paid a total in federal, state, local, and even international taxes of 0.6%. that's right. less than 1%. >> and the tax code, there is a loophole which they legally can use, but it's disgusting that they do, to avoid paying taxes, and i just -- in america, with an industry that makes so much money like that, it's very depressing and it makes one very, very angry. and i think the public is getting sick of it. >> reporter: if i were micky arison and i were sitting in your office right now, what would you have to sa
the attendant issues. as you know, one of the major changes we made during dhs 2.0 was to prioritize immigration enforcement and to focus on those who have violated criminal laws in addition to the immigration laws, who were repeat violators, or whom we call right at the border before they got into the interior of the country. as we move to hike by artists, we started looking at things that are low priority -- as we moved to high priority, we started looking at things that are low priority. the stir in action on qualified young people who would -- deferring action on qualified young people. we call it be deferred action on childhood arrivals program. common toe things in the dream act. it does not provide a pathway to citizenship. we have had over 400,000 young people applied. apply. what is the number that have been granted? it is over 200,000 who have actually been through the entire process and have been granted. ofare being supportive immigration reforms. we have been providing technical assistance to the gang of 8 in the senate. emphasizee to work to our mission with respect to border-borde
you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. >>> let's check your top stories on cnn. the last of the 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope is due to arrive in rome today but the officials started the secret vote known as the conclave has not been set. conclaves ha s have been star sizing up the competition. >>> time warner will become an independently traded company, "time" has titles including people, in style, "fortune" and "money." >>> in south florida beaches are closed because of these guys. look at that. oh my gosh. those dark spots you see are sharks, tens
tonight call it deficit dinner diplomacy. president obama has changed his strategy and now meeting with key republican senators and house members, finally a falling of the political ice and rolling up of the sleeves in washington. you know what? i say this is a very positive development. it's a good new strategy for the president and i give all the credit for it in the world. now, we'll see what it brings. speaking of positive, another record high close for the dow and key economic data points looking positive. the market rally is not all about ben bernanke's fed. both profits and economy are doing better than many expected. i'm playing this from the optimistic side. there's no debate about the economic impact about america's booming energy sector. last two reported months we kicked saudi month in oil production. american ingenuity strikes again. >>> first up this evening in search of the big budget grand bargain president obama is take agnew approach in dealing with the gop inviting them over for lunch and dinner and picking up the tab. john harwood joins us now with all the detai
to change that. then we have got this new poll just to add to the mix about how working moms are doing. they find it more difficult to balance home and family than the dads do. bill: huge challenges out there for them. martha: yes. bill: we'll catch -- and for you. [laughter] have a good day. martha: see you tomorrow, everybody. jon: and right now brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: new concerns about safety in the skies after we're told a rage suspect gets through security screening with a stun gun. this happening as the head of the tsa goes before lawmakers to defend his plan to allow small knives back on planes. more on that in a moment. >>> plus, new trouble for another carnival cruise liner. reports that the carnival dream is turning into a nightmare. the ship apparently stuck in the caribbean right now. the stories we're hearing from passengers that at this time, jon, sound all too familiar. and we're going to talk with senator john mccain moments from now as he marks 40 years since his release from a vietnamese prison camp. his reflections, his thoughts 40 years later. i
. >> our people have not changed. the vast majority of the american people are hard working taxpayers who take responsibility for their families, go to work every day, they pay their mortgage on time. >> senator rand paul said the party needs a major makeover with younger voters, saying the new gop will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and personal sphere. >> the filibuster was about drones but also about much more. do we have a bill of rights? do we have a constitutional? and will we defend it. ask the facebook generation whether we should put a kid in jail for the nonviolent crime of drug use and you'll hear a resounding no. >> then, of course, there are the republicans who are not at cpac. al cardinas told reporters that new jersey governor chris christie has not earned a spot in the all-star program because of decisions he made but that he could be invited next year. tomorrow's keynote will be delivered by texas senator ted cruz, somebody who's not exactly winning mr. congeniality contest inside the senate. he's clearly gotten under the skin of a lot of senators republican
for just 2% of the market. the ceo is determined to change that. >> we're used to come pe contingency. we need to get better. what we did we launched a new platform. >> blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. it's getting good reviews. >> i actually really like it. i think blackberry has done a good job. it feels really comfortable in the hands. >> jessica was enthusiastic about the totally new touch keyboard and awfully slick camera and new blackberry apps. what a firm without angry birds? >> this has all the trappings of a smart phone. but is it enough to save the company. >> i think they are trying to prove they aren't dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> it wouldn't work in my own house. >> what would it take for blackberry to win you back? >> i don't know if that is possible. >> it's unlikely the users left will come back. >> i don't noe think people will switch over. >> but it hay be a hit with current users a and start for a slow twawd for the company. a turnaround that some users won't see. >> what would blackberry have to do to keep your contract up. >> they would have to merg
of the party a new reason to say, it hasn't changed. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell joining me there. deputy political editor, dominionco, at a time when they are trying to make a go at improving their image with latinos, then this happens. are they shouting him down on capitol hill yet? >> reporter: we've already heard from house speaker john boehner and the republican national committee chairman who have both disavowed this statement and say it doesn't stand for the party, completely distancing themselves from don young but it is a problem. the fact that republican leaders are now going to have to disavow this kind of statement. it is once again a reminder of everything that had happened during the 2012 election with so many of the bombastic comments that got them into place in the first place. it reminded me, bobby jindal was at the rnc meeting saying we cannot be the stupid party. we cannot have people saying things that are bombastic and bizarre and they're going to get us in this trouble. and here we go again. >> what else is congressman young said today? >> well, he stepped back from
. >> they don't get to change the definition. >> i mean, forg god's sake, it' got homogenized right on the carton. >> a crazy guy got a gun and killed people. >> >> the systthe system is orco protect the cowards. >> i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us if we've forgotten them. >>> we begin with president obama down south touching down to tout economic recovery and spread a little miami nice in the sunshine state. promoting infrastructure spending, this afternoon the president toured a tunnel project at port miami. he cited it as a key example of a project that fixes problems, boosts the economy, and creates jobs. >> breaking ground on more projects like this tunnel that i just saw means more good construction jobs that can't be outsourced. they have to be done right here in america and they end up giving people good pay and good opportunities to raise their families. >> of course, visiting miami, a city with a large latino population, provides a backdrop for the immigration issue now heating up ahead of an expected reform bill in congress next month. senator marco rubio greet
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